Friday, March 26, 2010

Electrical plan with proposed smart wire points

Well, we are about a week off for site start. Permit was received the other day and orders have been placed. I thought we'd be sooner but i've been told the administration will take another week.

We had a small win a few weeks ago when all our dispensations were approved. This is great news as it means we have a 3.5 m setback from boundary to porch and a 5.16 m setback to front wall of house. The closer setback allows us to have another 1.5 m added to the backyard which I think is about 7.3 m from fence to rear alfresco.

Now can't wait for site start. See it here soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Got approval from Delfin today

We got our approval from Delfin today. It has been an arduous process though as I've been doing a lot of chasing the council and developer for our approval and dispensations for the setback (as my request doesn't comply with rescode) and for light to sky requirements along the wall next to the bedrooms.

We've had some minor complication from the bank as our valuation and mortgage insurance had to be redone due to contract and tender prices not matching. This resulted in the valuation coming in at $10K less than contract after being redone. The result, I've had to come up with an extra $10K. Some poeple have to come up with $50K extra so it's not too bad. There's been quite a few obstacles along the way. The main reason being that my administrator was not correctly reading my emails and misinterpreting my requests. If I hadn't been vigilant, I'd end up with a house that would look nothing like I wanted.

Below are more photos of taps and vanities etc.

Initial carpet choice but I'm going to change the colour (waiting to see the house when nearly completed) and floor tile for shower bases. Paint colour is the middle colour on the paint card (Hogs Bristle Half). The lighter paint (Hogs Bristle Quarter) will be used in the smaller rooms. Awesome shower head for both showers
Lexi mixer

Single push door lock

Front door lock and Front door. This will be woodstained along with window frames each side.

Vanity in ensuite and bathrooms


Gas cooktop and oven