Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roof trusses go on

The builders were out there today fixing the roof trusses on. I went out there twice today and took my brother out on the second trip. It's very exciting to see the house take shape. The second time I was there, I noticed that they had installed the 150mm wood post columns on the front verandah along with the upper beams and trusses forming the roof at the front of the house. This is amazing! They're yet to install a few windows and the wooden sliding doors at the rear. I like the rooflines. Should look even better when the colourbond is installed.

Over the back fence

I thought the grass looks so green at the moment out the front so I thought I'd take a photo of it. The builders are managing to stay off the nature strip which is great. I noticed that the neighbour has a portaloo now so I reckon they'll be starting next week.

With a little rain, the Maples Green has turned bright green! This place is going to be great at xmas time when the family are over. It will be a great place to kick a footy or play cricket. The ovals are only a couple hundred metres from here also.

The house grows vertically!

Today the house has grown vertically. The frame has been constructed and even most of the windows and laundry sliding door have been put in. There's been a lot of work in two days.

The 9' ceilings will be good. You can appreciate the height of the ceiling with a frame in place.

The windows have been put in. This one show our highlight window in the TV/Pool room looking toward the tree-lined hills to the north.

Rear of the house shows the BBQ patio and TV/Pool room on the far left side. The room on the right is bedroom 4 or our study.

Bedroom 4/Study and room down side of fence. We're going to have to put some plants down there to give some sort of view from the bedroom windows instead of a fence.

We expect a lot of work to be going on for the next few days and into next week installing the roof trusses etc.

More photos to come!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Update...slab lines drawn and frame materials delivered

I took the family to see the block the other day. We were having a great time walking through 'the house'. They were even considerate enough to take their shoes off at the front door.

We noticed the frame materials have turned up which is exciting. We should have the frame up this week or next.

The frame lines have been done so we can see how big the rooms are going to be. There has been an error made with one of the lines and I'm glad i've noticed it now and not after the frame has gone up. They've got lines drawn in the Master bedroom showing two walls at a 90 degree join in one place when it is suppose to be angled nicely to give a bit more room. I think it will look better having angled walls. It is on the contract so the builder has to adjust the error. It looks more like they've forgotten to draw the angle lines on the slab rather than misreading the plan........then again anything is possible.

I'll post more pictures this week when the builders are putting the frame together. Watch this space!

For now, adios!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We have a slab!

Our slab pictured standing in the driveway. Click on photo to zoom in.

We thought we'd come out and have a look today to see all of the reo and plastic in position before slab pouring and guess what? Someone has plonked a big bit of concrete on my block! The weather was so good today that the concreters must have decided to work on a Saturday and pour the slab this morning. The weather for Monday doesn't look that flash now so I suppose this is the reason. I was a bit annoyed as I wanted to see it being done and they didn't notify me that it was to be done today but I am happy it's done and framing can begin next week.

Porch and adjoining verandah

It's great to see the size of the porch and the outdoor area. The concreters seem to have done a great job. I'm really happy with the size of the garage and porch areas. This entire porch/verandah area will be undercover.

Front verandah/outdoor living area

Check out the size of our garage area! It's bloody massive!


Our large rear BBQ alfresco

We bought a slab to celebrate!!! hahaha

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slab footings

I have noticed that footings have been done today. There are mounds of dirt covered in sand everywhere. Steel reo has been delivered for the slab (hidden from view).

I spoke with my administrator today with an update and she said that the slab will be poured on Monday weather permitting. It should be ok.

The guys digging the trenches have smashed the plumbing piping. They had better fix this before the slab goes in or there's going to be some problems.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plumbing goes in

Well guess what? The plumbing went in today. I drove out to the site at about 2pm and the place looked like a bomb had hit it. There were mounds of soil everywhere and a digger on site. There were trenches dug and pipes being joined. We have a powerbox now too and thunderbox which will become the worker's relief centre. It's the cleanest worker's dunny I have ever seen. I'll post up a pic of the dunny at the end of construction. I'll leave this to your imagination.

This is our new toilet! Just kidding.
We went out there again this afternoon to take some photos. It looks like we'll have a slab by the end of this week. Might get a slab too to celebrate!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We have a tap!

We came out today because we had suspected we have more activity done to our site and found we have a new tap and a skip which is already full of someone else's stuff! There were some wooden doors and other junk in there. Hopefully they won't be building our house with leftovers hahaaha. At least we'll have water to hose the mud off the road with :-) Just joking.

I've heard that things happen pretty quick once they have started! I got a message from my admin that we'll have slab pouring next week. Unbelievable! Also heard that we have pretty good SS and CSA. We're very happy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Site scrape

Today we've had a site scrape!!! We missed the excitment of the action though today but celebrated with a few drinks tonight at the site and did some happy dances haha. The block looked fairly flat prior to the scrape and it is interesting to the untrained eye how much dirt needs to be moved to make it level. We were not informed of the day of start which is a bit disappointing but I'm glad it's started.

I also met the neighbour today who came out to have a look. Nice guy. Seems like we're going to building at the same time as his house is only a few weeks away. It appears that we're going to have a lot of nice houses and nice people along the 'Green'. Check out the photos.