Friday, September 3, 2010

Render and staining complete

The render and wood staining are now complete! We're estimating handover in about 4 to 6 weeks. The builder is completing the final touchups before quality control gets involved. The downlights under the porch still need to be installed along with the rangehood roof vent that they've agreed to. Everything is installed except for the appliances and hotwater system. Things are looking great.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gas meter, storm water and shower screens in!

EDIT...........Guess what??................The builder has decided to vent the rangehood out of the house after I argued the point that it SAYS TO DO SO IN THE CONTRACT! How good is this? Pretty shitty though that this is their 'standard procedure'.
The shower screens and gas meter have been installed. I just hope they listen to me and they cap the gas line behind the fireplace wall before they hook it up or it will be the quickest way to burn a house down. The storm water (see next to gas meter) has also been hooked up which will reduce the amount of water pooling around the house. There was a guy cleaning the house today which included all the windows. Geez, it makes a difference without mud all over everything.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vanities and BIR sliding mirrors installed

Today we had vanities and sliding mirror doors fitted to our BIR's. The house is really starting to take shape on the inside with things being fitted out.
We have been in discussions with our builder about our ducting from rangehood to outside the house. The builder was just going to duct it to the roofspace until I pointed out in the contract that they must either vent it externally or the rangehood must be a recirculation one. The rangehood I have chosen is a ducted one (not a recirc) so therefore it must be vented to outside the house. This wasn't explained though during the tender meeting and now the builder is interpreting the wording of the contract to suit themselves in an attempt to get out of it.
They see it like this: because the location of the external vent was not nominated on the plan, they are not entitled to include it. However, it's pretty clear in the contract that it is.
Fitoffs and final clean is booked in for next week. Very exciting! All that's left is porch celing with downlights, final render, wood staining, fitoff, shower screens, flyscreens, maintenance, gas meter, hot water system and inspections and that it! Not long now.

Monday, August 9, 2010

more stuff done..............

We're getting closer! We have new garage doors, sink, trough, taps, toilets and a bath fitted. Ceiling insulation is in also.
I was lucky enough to catch the guys digging the trench for the gas the other day and I asked how long they would have the trench open for. They said 1 hour and so I madly dashed off and bought some conguit and joiners for my telstra cabling. When I got back, they happily installed it for me for a carton of beer! That saved me a few hundred bucks.

And no more portaloo!

Rear rollerdoor

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bathroom/ensuite tiling complete and shelves fitted

We've recently had our kitchen tiles, ensuite and bathroom tiles fitted. They look great! The mirrors and shelves have also been installed.

The electrical fitoff and network connections are in place.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Evap cooling and Brivis heating unit installed

Today we had our Evap cooler and Brivis heating unit installed. All vents have been fitted and the controller is in place. The cooler itself on the roof is in a great spot. It's not noticeable from the front of the house and it sits quite low on the roof. There's heating and cooling to all rooms except for the main bathroom, toilet and laundry. The ensuite has a heater vent and the study has a heater and cooling vent. It's zonal so rooms can be turned off when not in use.

I went to National tiles yesterday and had a look at some porcelain tiles for our floor. Straight away I found the tile I want for the main areas of the house. The grout colour will be antique white which is the same colour as the kitchen cupboards so it should match nicely.