Monday, June 14, 2010

We're locked out

Newsflash!.......We're locked out! No more access until we move in. I'm typing this from Sydney airport ready to board a flight to the US.

In one day, the builders have locked up the house, completed all cornices and have delivered and installed the laundry, bathroom/ensuite and all kitchen cupboards. AMAZING!

More news and photos when I return in 3 weeks. I'm sure a fair bit will be completed by then!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bricks finished


The brickies have finished! We're very happy with their work. We did have some problems though with the height of the rear half brick piers on the porch.

Although they were building correctly to plan, I wanted to change it. I didn't know that the height of the piers was measured from the height of the main slab, not the porch slab, therefore they were higher than I desired.

In the end, I requested a Variation Order to have the heights lowered and show more wood post. They were not going to do it as they stated it was structural until I made a statement by going on site and pulling bricks down!! I commend them honouring customer's requests.....hahaha and so they bloody should.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nearly lockup

We're nearly at lockup. No photos this time. Bricks are done alongside the fence side all the way to the roof. We have all of the porch bricked up and half the front verandah. Most things have been good so far.

How's this though? I was wondering if the plumbers capped the end of the gas line that descends from the roof into the fireplace wall. I noticed that it was not done earlier and now the wall has been covered with plaster. We're making provision to put in a gas fireplace after handover so we had a frame, gas line and power point installed inside the wall for future installation.
I thought surely they would have capped the pipe prior to plaster. While I was snooping around in the roof today, I made an effort to look down into this wall cavity and noticed the pipe had not been capped. I'm not sure when they planned to do this but I thought it would have been done before the plaster. This would make for a dangerous leak inside the wall when the gas is connected. Maybe they knew about this already and had another plan. Interesting though that something as critical as this may have been missed.

I also noticed a small leak onto plaster inside the roof space. Im sure this is not supposed to happen. I'm glad I had a chance to check this out soon after heavy rain so I can get this fixed.

Anyway, hopefully lockup next week!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bricking and plastering almost finished!

Standing on the footpath watching the progress

Front verandah looking toward the garage

The rate at which these guys work is unbelievable! The bricklaying is almost done and all plaster is installed including the blue wet area walls. We were going to install insulation ourselves in the side wall of the garage between brick and plaster but time ran out as the brickies and plaster guys had closed up the wall. It gets pretty cold in Doreen in winter and we'll be spending a bit of time in there working on cars etc. Check out the front facade (top photo)!

Did I say how much I like these bricks! :-)
Have a look at the brickwork. I was talking to these guys today who were mentioning how difficult these bricks were to lay. But they did mention how nice they were though because they have great texture and a mix of dark greys that match the roof. Notice the difference in mortar colour below. The white mortar colour indicates the bricks which were laid a few days ago and the mortar has had time to dry out and turn white. This will happen to the top section over the next few days.

Side wall of garage almost done

All cornices have arrived. The photo below is looking toward the kitchen/pantry from the meals area. Note the laundry entry to the left. I have asked the SS to see if we can have the cavity sliding doors and frames woodstained.

The neighbour had his windows and frame timber delivered today. It won't be long before we have another structure next to ours.